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4 Surfaces to Deep Clean Post-COVID-19

Since the first quarter of 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused global economic challenges and health risks to the global population. As of this moment, this virus is not something that can be completely eliminated.

To slow down the COVID-19 spread, face masks have been recommended around the world for community use. Social distancing and washing hands regularly must also be practiced. Moreover, you must practice basic cleaning and disinfection on the things you always touch, such as gadgets, doorknobs, and other surfaces.

As we embrace the realities of a post-pandemic world, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the surfaces you should deep clean and how you should clean them.


In general, electronics such as computers, touchscreen devices, computer accessories, printers, and more must be cleaned in these ways:

1) Use a lint-free cloth such as microfiber or screen wipe. Do not wipe excessively.

2) To avoid damage, don’t submerge your electronics in cleansers.

3) Do not use bleach, aerosol sprays, or abrasive cleaners.

4) You should only use either a wipe containing 70% alcohol or Clorox disinfectant. Gently and carefully wipe the hard, nonporous surface of your item. If you are not sure about the cleaning product you are using, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5) Do not use leather or fabric cloth on your item’s surface, as this can cause scratches and screen damage.

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High-Touch Hard Surfaces

These include window and door handles, countertops, food preparation areas, bathroom surfaces, workstations, and more.

1) Before disinfection, clean the surfaces with water and detergent or soap to remove dirt.

2) Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine/bleach) to be used at a recommended of 1,000ppm or 0.1% for disinfection. You can also use alcohol at 70% to 90%.

3) Indoors, applying disinfectants via spraying is not recommended. Instead, apply disinfectants via wipe or cloth.


Soft Surfaces

These include rugs, carpets, and drapes.

1) Clean fabric items using cleaners designed for them. You can also use soap and water.

2) If possible, launder these soft surfaces using the warmest possible water setting. Dry them completely.

3) Vacuum regularly. If this area is currently occupied by a sick person or someone who has tested as COVID-19 positive in the last 24 hours, wear a face mask when vacuuming.

4) If needed, use an EPA List N product to disinfect soft surfaces.

Outdoor Areas

Generally, these require normal routine cleaning but not disinfection. Using disinfectants is not efficient in outdoor settings such as parks, playgrounds, and more and is not proven to reduce COVID-19 risk to the public.

1) Surfaces made of metal or plastic, such as railings and grab bars, only require routine cleaning.

2) Roads and sidewalks need not be disinfected, as COVID-19 spread on these surfaces is very low.

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