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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Professional Cleaning Company

A lot of things are on your mind when you are running your own business. You will need to deal with customers, employees, and suppliers. So the experts at Business Partner Magazine recommend that you outsource your non-essential tasks to third-party contractors to allow your team to dedicate their time to the most critical things.

Contractors, although they are not directly part of your company, can make or break business. Take for example when you sign up for the services of a professional cleaning company. Their efficient work increases your employees’ and customers’ confidence in your company and protects everyone’s health.

Let’s take a look at the most essential things to consider when choosing your professional cleaning provider.

Factors in Selecting a Professional Cleaning Company

References and Recommendations

Invesp shares that 90% of customers check for online reviews before reaching out to a business, and 88% give value to recommendations and reviews.

Finding trustworthy recommendations can be tricky. Find verifiable references such as those coming from people and companies with real profiles. It also wouldn’t hurt if you ask for recommendations from fellow associates and friends.

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Examine the cleaning service provider’s website for proof of their expertise and experience in the industry. Some of the things that you may look for are partnerships with renowned businesses, membership in professional associations, and certificates to ensure your safety.

Insurance and Bond

Your professional cleaning service contractors will have access to almost all the areas of your building. There is always that risk of damage or theft whenever third parties come into your office.

Ask for information about the cleaning company’s contract, insurance and bond. This is an added protection for you, your employees, and even your customers.


Look for a professional cleaning company that can accommodate your preferred cleaning schedule. Some companies prefer cleaning to be done outside of office hours. During business hours, they request to have only a few cleaners to maintain order and cleanliness.

We understand this at Fowler Fresh, which is why we offer 24/7 full janitorial services and even on call emergency cleaning.

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Use of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Before you engage the services of professional cleaners, inquire about their use of EPA-approved disinfectants. The items on this list, provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, assure you of effective disinfection without causing harm to people and the environment.

Variety of Cleaning Services Offered

There is an advantage to dealing with an all-around cleaning company right from the start. Initially, you may just want to have professional cleaning to get rid of trash and visible dirt. As time goes, and with the emergence of diseases, you will want to expand your cleaning needs to include disinfection and deep cleaning.

People Skills, Communication and Professionalism

You want to make sure that the professional cleaning service provider understands your needs through continuous communication. They should have people who are well-trained at doing their tasks, while maintaining professionalism and respecting boundaries.

A professional cleaning company will become an essential service provider to your business. Selecting the right one will have a great impact on your company.

Consider choosing Fowler Fresh, a cleaning company that exceeds the expectations of all the considerations listed above. Contact us today for a quote!

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